Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

And the winner is....

.... puh, girls, that was difficult!

There is one double entry, so I had to count over and over... At all, I got 84 entries (wow!) and I would like to thank every single person behind the entry for the kind words you all left.
If anybody is asking him- or herself, why to give anything away - all I can say is: All these nice entries I got - that so overwhelming!

So, entry number 15 and number 16 count as one, and so the winner, chosen by Mr. Random is number:

And if i did count right (I did it over an over again), the winner is:

Laura with Kate (love that name!)

Congratulations, Laura!

As for the rest of you all: If anybody of you wants to order an elephant at my etsy-shop, I give you a 25% discount. Just enter "giveaway" as Code, and you get the discount (valid until February 29 next year).

I wish you all a merry christmas, and thank again for participating,

Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Give away day!

Hello everybody,

My name is Tina, my family and I moved to the bay area this year.
We are six altogether, my kids, two girls two boys, are 12, 10, 4 and 1 year old.

(Please note: these are my two younger ones and me. The guy on the right side is not  my husband. That's just a freak I met at the mall who absolutely wanted to have a picture taken of us and him. Really don't now why. There were plenty of free couches).

That is the reason why I started this blog: everybody arounds me speaks english.

I tried to write my main blog,  nähtina, bilingual, but I realized, I can't. My brain doesn't work like a translator. So I now have my nähtina blog in german and this one in english
So please excuse the emptiness here, perhaps you like to check out some photos on nähtina?

For the giveaway day, which I love, as I am a giveaway-junkie, I like to tell you the story of my blogname:

My name is Tina. And it is really just Tina, not Christina, not Martina, not Bettina, just Tina.
In Germany, when I was young younger, that was pretty unusual. So when I said my name, everybody always asked me either: nur Tina ???? (just Tina????) or: so, that's your Nickname, and your real name is Martina (Christina, Bettina)? And I answered: No, it is nur Tina ---> nurtina (Just Tina) !

So I used this name in the web first, nurtina. When I started sewing (in german: nähen), and launched my blog, by the time, nurtina developed into nähtina, which is pretty close. And in english, näh-tina means sew-tina. That's it!

So, what will I give you for give-away-day?

You will get one personalized elephantastic elephant.

You can choose the style (for a boy, for a girl, for a baby, for a teenager, for yourself, classic, modern....), give me the name to embroider on, and then you will need to trust me for the rest *g*!
For the case you are allergic to elephants or had an traumatic experience in your youth or your husband threatens you to leave you for good if an elephant will join your collection of deers, you can choose to have a personalized rectangular cushion instead *g*

So, what do you have to do?

nothing special. Just leave me a comment. That's all!

A nice give away day, a great holiday time,

When I wrote this, there wasnt a give away day on sew, mama, sew yet. But this link will bring you back to the blog: sew mama sew I will edit this later to bring you back to the give away day posting.

Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

pst - secret ;-)

Right now, I'm doing some sewing pattern testing - isn't  that exiting?

Here, just a short glance...

See more next week!

Enjoy your weekend,

Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

This evening,

my embroidery machine made this:

wool-felt to go sleeves, vegan, but with birds

and meanwhile I made this:

Mme Hoppenstedt, bottom: Kokka  oilcloth, top: Summersault fabric, middle: Farbenmix ribbon.

Who did it better?

Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Do you want to join the Farbenmix Advents calendar bag sewing?

Head over to Farbenmix to join the Christmas Bag sewing - each day until christmas, you will find an new piece of the pattern to sew that day or later.

This nice australian Lady does the translation work for you - and I' m quite sure, she is much better than google ;-)

For the first december, go over here.

I am in too, and I will use some beautiful fabric bought at above all fabric - one of my favorite online stores, that is unfortunately closing

So, join, that will be fun ;-)

We have a pet!

I don't think it will ever be possible to give it away (or even ship it....)

Better photos will follow (when it is finished).

If I weren't 38 but 3, I would take it to bed with me right now.


Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Camera bag - no wait, no camera (or just a small one), but....

diapers. But, hey, they are not spoiled, so what do you want more?

I have a crush for this special bag pattern - the Fotobella by Jolikjou for Farbenmix.
But, a friend of mine, had a really, really hard time sewing it - gosh, she nearly gave up.
So I was more than a little afraid to try it.
But than I saw all these amazing examples on this blog, and I just knew: I have to try it.

But, to be honestly: we have a big digital SLR camera, and nevertheless, with all this kids stuffs (and sometimes kids themselves) I have to carry around, I really don't want to carry this heavy, bulky camera too - thats why I have this cute little pink one *g*.

And, knowing my hubby for more than 15 years, I just know: He doesn't want either. I mean, he does want to carry the camera around, but not in a cute bag.

The same time I thought over this problem, I realized I need a new diaper bag - one with bottle bags on the outside. Now that my former baby is so old I have to carry a slippy cup around the whole day and where ever I go, I need to have the bottle handy on the outside of the bag. And I don't want to spoil the content my stuff inside the bag. I don't like apple juice, or even water, on my phone. Or my camera (that's why I have oilcloth cases for them). Nor in my wallet (no oilcloth case...).

So I decided to sew the Fotobella, but without the camera stuff, just as a diaper bag.

I wanted to go with laminated fabric on the outside (especially on the bottom), so you can put the bag on a counter, the ground or a changing table in the mall and have the possibility to just wipe it after.
To add some suspense, I decided to combine the laminated fabric (sugar & spice by Riley Blake) with Denim. And some left over fabric of the same line I used in summer to sew my daughters quilt (sorry, text only in german, but you can see the pictures here).
And because I am German and sew euro, I just had to add some Farbenmix ribbons, and, of course, a lot of embroidery, too.
I love the contrast of the denim and the colorful, folkloristic embroidery (the embroidery file is Bellafiori by Jolijou for Huups!). For the embroidery I choosed all the sugar & spice colors.

You are still there? Fine, here are some photos of my bag:

To pockets on the sides for sippy, leaking bottles

Pocket under the flap - please hook up your key, so you don't have to search for it endlessly!

the upper side:

Detail of the front:

Backside - another pocket to put some things into - a changing mat, for example?

View from above: two pockets inside to keep everything organized.

See this: laminated fabric inside the side pockets: easy to wipe clean!

These photos are always my biggest problem, because with four kids in the age range from 1 to 12, I really only sew at night. When it is dark outside, and there is artificial light inside and you have to use a flash. What means: Bad pictures.
So I tried to take some pictures while I was a mommy ( = at daylight), but my daughter (13 months old) thought that made a great opportunity to try to escape - so, once more: bad pictures.

So, do I think I can sew? Yes,  a little bit. There is still a way  to go to perfection, but it makes me happy. Sometimes. So I will continue.

Hope to see you again, someday (or some night),
it would be an honer to me to be considered for the contest,
Tina (10.10 pm - finally time to sew write a blog posting about sewing at night and being a mommy by day.)

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

Christmas wreath

In Germany, the this sunday is the start of christmas season - it is first advent.
And everybody has a Adventskranz, a christmas wreath.
Until christmas, we will light each sunday one more candle, until all four candles will burn the last sunday before christmas.
Usually, you use a wreath of fir, and the candles (traditionally red) are placed onto it.
Well, no wreath of fir, no tradition ;-)

This wreath is made of a Styrofoam (JoAnn), a half yard of fabric, pom-pom fringe, large rick-rack and 4 handmade pompoms - these I will replace, I think, if I find something more pretty. (or I will make better ones).

Have a nice christmas time!

Montag, 21. November 2011

New edition to my etsy shop as seen in Instyle November 2011

pom pom scarf!

Late night productions presents: The stylish pom pom scarf ;-)

Don't forget to apply the code BLACKFRIDAYWEEK to get 20% off ;-)

klick it!

Blak friday code for my etsy shop!

use the coupon code


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yes, even on made to order - items!

Happy holidays!

Samstag, 19. November 2011

helps against cold winds and frogs (in the throat):

cozy, pretty pink patchwork scarf,
unique and one of a kind,
handmade with love out of well loved. mostly european fabrics
(and some beautiful us-fabrics, too).

now available at my etsy shop!

buy here!

Dienstag, 15. November 2011

new item available: tiny elephant

This is the perfect gift for a baby shower, a new born baby or the first Birthday:

tiny elephant, 12 x 9 inches, and surely a heirloom to keep:

will be made to order, in the color range you like, and embroidered with the proper name, a birth date or what you like (or you can choose a heart or star application, if you like).
Can be wrapped as gift.

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

brandnew! Little pouches of laminated fabric,

very useful for small electronic devices,
here, for exemple, made of Michael Miller laminated fabric,
for my new camera:

Doesn't the lovely design of the fabric make a cute contrast to the technical stuff inside?
Made to order in the size you really need!

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

simple tunic - try do find a pattern for the birthday dress

made of Michael Miller fabric
embellished with an "Eulenreigen" embroidery

This, as a longer version, will be my daughters birthday dress - made of Sarah Jane "Children at play" fabric. Stay tuned ;-)))

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Modern Patchwork pillowcase

I made this pillowcase for a friend of mine.

It's kind of modern patchwork,
embellished with a huge embroidery and some Farbenmix ribbons.

If you would like to have something like this, please feel free to email me!