Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

brandnew! Little pouches of laminated fabric,

very useful for small electronic devices,
here, for exemple, made of Michael Miller laminated fabric,
for my new camera:

Doesn't the lovely design of the fabric make a cute contrast to the technical stuff inside?
Made to order in the size you really need!

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

simple tunic - try do find a pattern for the birthday dress

made of Michael Miller fabric
embellished with an "Eulenreigen" embroidery

This, as a longer version, will be my daughters birthday dress - made of Sarah Jane "Children at play" fabric. Stay tuned ;-)))

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Modern Patchwork pillowcase

I made this pillowcase for a friend of mine.

It's kind of modern patchwork,
embellished with a huge embroidery and some Farbenmix ribbons.

If you would like to have something like this, please feel free to email me!

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

Want to see how I work?

You can buy my products on etsy, so I thought you might be interested in seeing how they are made.

This is my newest product, can you already guess what it will be?