Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Camera bag - no wait, no camera (or just a small one), but....

diapers. But, hey, they are not spoiled, so what do you want more?

I have a crush for this special bag pattern - the Fotobella by Jolikjou for Farbenmix.
But, a friend of mine, had a really, really hard time sewing it - gosh, she nearly gave up.
So I was more than a little afraid to try it.
But than I saw all these amazing examples on this blog, and I just knew: I have to try it.

But, to be honestly: we have a big digital SLR camera, and nevertheless, with all this kids stuffs (and sometimes kids themselves) I have to carry around, I really don't want to carry this heavy, bulky camera too - thats why I have this cute little pink one *g*.

And, knowing my hubby for more than 15 years, I just know: He doesn't want either. I mean, he does want to carry the camera around, but not in a cute bag.

The same time I thought over this problem, I realized I need a new diaper bag - one with bottle bags on the outside. Now that my former baby is so old I have to carry a slippy cup around the whole day and where ever I go, I need to have the bottle handy on the outside of the bag. And I don't want to spoil the content my stuff inside the bag. I don't like apple juice, or even water, on my phone. Or my camera (that's why I have oilcloth cases for them). Nor in my wallet (no oilcloth case...).

So I decided to sew the Fotobella, but without the camera stuff, just as a diaper bag.

I wanted to go with laminated fabric on the outside (especially on the bottom), so you can put the bag on a counter, the ground or a changing table in the mall and have the possibility to just wipe it after.
To add some suspense, I decided to combine the laminated fabric (sugar & spice by Riley Blake) with Denim. And some left over fabric of the same line I used in summer to sew my daughters quilt (sorry, text only in german, but you can see the pictures here).
And because I am German and sew euro, I just had to add some Farbenmix ribbons, and, of course, a lot of embroidery, too.
I love the contrast of the denim and the colorful, folkloristic embroidery (the embroidery file is Bellafiori by Jolijou for Huups!). For the embroidery I choosed all the sugar & spice colors.

You are still there? Fine, here are some photos of my bag:

To pockets on the sides for sippy, leaking bottles

Pocket under the flap - please hook up your key, so you don't have to search for it endlessly!

the upper side:

Detail of the front:

Backside - another pocket to put some things into - a changing mat, for example?

View from above: two pockets inside to keep everything organized.

See this: laminated fabric inside the side pockets: easy to wipe clean!

These photos are always my biggest problem, because with four kids in the age range from 1 to 12, I really only sew at night. When it is dark outside, and there is artificial light inside and you have to use a flash. What means: Bad pictures.
So I tried to take some pictures while I was a mommy ( = at daylight), but my daughter (13 months old) thought that made a great opportunity to try to escape - so, once more: bad pictures.

So, do I think I can sew? Yes,  a little bit. There is still a way  to go to perfection, but it makes me happy. Sometimes. So I will continue.

Hope to see you again, someday (or some night),
it would be an honer to me to be considered for the contest,
Tina (10.10 pm - finally time to sew write a blog posting about sewing at night and being a mommy by day.)

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