Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Do you know "Jingle all the way"?

no, I am not late.
In german this movie is called " a promise is a promise" what means: You have to do what you promised.

In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the hunt for a action figure he promised his son for christmas.
Sold out everywhere, fights over it....

My friend Christiane, living in Germnay, was VERY fond of the echo fabric line by Lotta Jansdotter.
I promised (see above) to send her the whole collection - like a fat quater bundle - .
I didn't assumed this to be any problem - hey, I have some fabulous stores around, I know a lot of internet stores, and google is my friend...

I never ever would have thought that every quilter or crafter or seamstress in the US has a crush on this collection.

I ended up with buying 9 of the 20 fabrics at a local store.
Then I ordered the other 11 at one internet store.
Then I got the message that one of the fabrics was sold out, despite the website let me order a half yard.
And then I searched, and searched and searched.
I finally found one internet store where I could place a pre-order. It is still not available.
Then Christiane send me over to a film in the fridge, where links to other stores appeared. I checked them out and was able to order a yard of my missing fabric at marmelade fabrics (at the other two stores: sold out)
Tammy from marmelade fabrics later sent me a mail regarding one of the other fabrics in my order. I said she shouldn't care as long as she would be able to send me the echo print. She then told me i just ordered the last yard!
Lucky me!

So it arrived yesterday, and now I am able to send my friend the whole echo collection. Sigh!

I cut each fabric in two half yards, then in one fat quater and the rest in 5 inch x 5 inch charms.
So I gonna send the fat quaters of it to my friend,
I gonna keep some of the charms
and the rest will go to my  etsy and in my dawanda shop, so if you are looking for the whole collection of echo prints -just head over and grab a bunch of 20 5 inch charms - or two...

It was hell and took me forever or at least hours to cut them... But I did my very best...

And, make a guess, which fabric was so hard to order?

It is this one:

the spring buds in mustard.

As I am still waiting for the pre-order I placed (I could not cancel it), you can buy two fat quarters or a half yard of it in my etsy shop, too.

Enjoy your weekend,

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