Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

New fleece-Jacket for my little gnome

My daughter did outgrow her fleece-jacket finally.
Well, she is 14 month old now, and it was a size 3-6 months...
I decided to make the same modell again, because it was easy to sew and did fit great.

Here are some pictures of my mini-modell - can you believe she did start to dance on the dining table saturday morning? Je just loves "move like Jagger" by maroon 5 *g*

And here are some more pictures I made this afternoon in the redwood park in Oakland - can you belive it is just 20 minutes to downtown San Francisco?

Here you can see the embroidery file I have chosen: Zwergenpaar by Huups!

This jacket is part of a pattern-set for Babies (size 3 months to 18 months) and you can buy it at Farbenmix - translated to english.

(You say little pumpkin, we say "Zwerg" (gnome), so Zwergenverpackung means "gnome wrapping")

pattern: Zwergenverpackung / Farbenmix
embroidery files: Huups!
fabric: Fleece imported from Germany.


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