Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

Neck roll, anyone?

I didn't know that it would be so difficult to buy a simple neck roll.
JoAnns has them, but they charge you 28 Dollars - that's a lot. Even if I would have a 50% off coupon, 14 Dollars is still a lot.

Somebody told me IKEA has them, too.
I didn't found them, only pretty small ones (10 inches?), and they have feathers inside - years...
I don't like feathers inside a pillow at all, i prefer something washable and absolutely germ free.
But they would have been pretty cheap, marked down at 9.95.

So the next neck roll is now a simple rectangular pillow.
Again the combination of cloud 9 organic allegria fabric and linen,
with embroidery and woven ribbon (sorry, I sew euro *g*)

This was a birthday present for a friend. I think hope she liked it.


pattern: made by me
fabric: Allegria / cloud 9, A verb for keeping warm (Oakland), linen (JoAnns)
embroidery pattern: OrchIdeen (Kunterbunt Design)